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History: Gol G5 + Down World - Version Sorocaba

History: Gol G5 + Down World - Version Sorocaba

I know many were charging this matter as we promised in the G5 - Rio version , but our Gutto friend preferred to wait a while to leave the car even more beautiful in the picture, after all this G5 is one of the most well-known throughout Brazil and was already in time to have a particular matter in his honor, for those who have walking courage on a daily basis at this point and fixed, deserves our admiration.

Talking a bit with him realized that a guy with only 24 years has many stories to tell, if to speak here a little at a car that the guy had already had to make many materials. The passion for cars comes from brat, and then to 16 years already walked Fox only with sports springs (What nonsense !!!! lol) and rims 17 ", which eight years ago were very difficult to see the cars and We can even make comparison as are the rim 20 "today. The next toy was a Gol "Milzão" original 112 hp Turbo with fixed suspension and rims 17 ", which after some modifications and bars sprang up his cavalry to 235 hp.

Following the new host of the garage was a Golf Gti 2 red doors, chipped, wheel rim 19 "and fixed suspension logical that in the opinion of Gutto was the best car I've ever had," I miss this Golf today, but the queue walk. " He liked the Gti line that went for a Gol G3 Gti 2.0 Turbo with "only" 480 hp, with more wheel rim 17 "and more fixed suspension. A Parati Track & Field pounded with the rim VR6 wheels 17 "also has passed in your hands. Fox, Gol Turbo, Golf Gti, Gti Gol, Parati, Gol G5, the guy just took VW !!!!!!!

At some of the history of Gutto cars showed me that the guy is cracked by car, and very low car !!!!! But let's get to the Gol G5 Trend 2011 1.0. Once picked up the car already put rims 17 ". Ops rim 17 '????? No no no !!! The G5 was honored to have the rims 20 "replica Audi S8 that have been customized over time, golden and then orange, a fixed-suspension kit to make the car even more stylish was installed. The original G5 Silver was enveloped White Matte than a year and a half ago was news. But Gutto was not happy with a low G5, rim 20, enveloped frosted white.

Thinking about it the rims 20 "have given way to a ring set 17" (Look them there again !!!) TSW Nurburgring painted red metal shod with Maxxis 195 / 40R17 tires. But what was the purpose of this change? The goal was to be able to download the car to the extreme and walk with him on a daily basis. With that knocked on the doors of Extreme suspensions which had already installed the suspension and wheels, and proposed a challenge to friends Tatu, Rafa, Beard and Rodriguinho where he wanted to walk with the G5 as low as possible.

Motor and Cambio raised, stringer, rear axle and wheels reworked box at the end another happy customer. To enjoy even more the sound car was assembled with all affection for Monster Audio, using Pioneer DVD, 2 Kits 2 Bravox way, modules Stetson 1K5 (Mono) and T400 (Stereo), Sub Kicker L7 (Square), along with a battery assist Strokes to be able to enjoy the sound even with the car turned off.

Member of Club 272 ° to more than three years the passion history for modified cars Gutto is very judicious: "It has to be Low and FIXED !!!", but as he told me this competitive business Gol G5 + World is not down with it. "When I set up my car, I always thought in my taste and not on what others would think or speak, as this is my only car and use it to go to work, supermarket, shopping, roles with friends and even the meetings of 272 ° Club at Pacaembu ", pointing out that the guy lives in Sorocaba disposes !!!!!! The important thing is to draw attention wherever he goes, as I'm sure many when they see the car for the first time find it air suspension. We know how it feels as it has a close friend who has been there with Corsinha it.

Of course to have no problems with the police, the car is all L egalizado : suspension, color and xenon, as have a headache from it ever. The cards are on the table, it's up to you to say what the Gol G5 + Down World.

[Youtube: http: //www.youtube.com/watch v = UHRLw4z_K1w?]

Extreme Suspensions - (15) 3224-2997 - Tatu / Rafa

Monster Audio - (15) 3031-3299 - Katia / Rafael

Text: Adriano CP

Photos / Video: Deivid Duarte


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